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  • The historical sites -You will find in your suite all the necessary indications, road maps, plans, details of the visits.
    • Le Haut Koenisgbourg *** (28 km)

      Located 850 meters above sea level, at the top of the mountain, with a magnificent view of the Black Forest, Alsace and the Vosges, the castle of Haut-Kœnigsbourg is a former 12th century castle, deeply reworked in Fifteenth century. It was under William II an imperial symbol.
      Do not miss

    • La ligne Maginot ( 45 km)

      The Maginot Line, named after the Minister of War André Maginot, is a line of fortifications built by France along its borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy from 1928 to 1940.

    • Le fort de Mutzig, dit Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II( 15 km)

      The fort of Mutzig, of its original name Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II., Is a military work built from 1893 by the Germans on the commune of Mutzig in Alsace. The field of maneuver extends around the fort, north of Mutzig and the neighboring municipalities of Molsheim and Dangolsheim

    • Le mur Paien ( 20 km)

      The Pagan Wall is a prehistoric wall that encloses the summit of Mont-Sainte-Odile. The walls extend over 10,500 meters in length.
      Two pedestrian circuits starting from Mont Saint Odile follow the pagan wall: that of "North" towards the Hagelschloss, which leaves from the left entrance of the convent; that of the "South" towards the Maennelstein, ..

    • Le Vieil Armand

      The Vieil Armand or Hartmannswillerkopf, is a battlefield of war 14/18 almost intact.
      The site and the memorial museum are classified as national monuments.
      This is a must in Alsace for those who want to learn and remember.
      At the end of the "Route des cretes"

  • A visiter - Vous trouverez dans votre suite toutes les indications necessaires, cartes routières,plans, détail des visites.

Activités de loisirs

  • Parcs d’attraction, parcs à thème
    • Europapark ***- Parc de loisir ( 22 km)

      A great leisure park. 61 attractions of very high level, sumptuous decorations.
      Located in Germany, in Rust, 5 km from the French border. Access (crossing the Rhine) by free ferryboat to Rhinau.

    • La Montagne des singes **(33km)

      Animal park located next to the castle of Haut Koenigsbourg. In this area of ​​24 hectares, you can see more than 200 magots.

    • La Volerie des Aigles** (33km)

      It has been installed since 1968 in the ruins of Kintzheim Castle near Haut Koenigsbourg. Flight demonstrations of large rapacious birds

    • Cigoland* ( 33km)

      the stork is the emblematic animal of Alsace

    • L'Ecomusé d'Alsace **(69km)

      Open-air museum where were transferred and reassembled authentic Alsatian buildings forming like a living village: half-timbered houses, workers' houses, shop, town hall, walled tower, hall, farm, school, laundry, gardens.
      A one day trip

    • Les mines d'argent de Sainte Marie aux Mi

      Visit in 2 hours of the old Silver Mines
      On the route of the "Route des cretes"

  • Principaux musées
    • Le Musé de l'automobile Schlumpf*** Mulhouse (85 km)

      The Cité de l'Automobile in Mulhouse - National Museum. Home to the largest collection of cars in the world - more than 500 vehicles including the most remarkable Bugatti.

    • Le musée du chemin de fer*** Mulhouse (85km)

      It is next to the car museum. The whole history of the train, especially steam locomotives. Very beautiful exhibition.

    • Musée Unterlinden*** Colmar (45km)

      An almost complete panorama of the art is to be seen in this convent become a museum. Offers a visit course covering nearly 7000 years of history ... It is one of the most visited provincial art museums.

    • Bibliothèque Humaniste de Sélestat***(18 km)

      Entdecken Sie die Schätze der Renaissance. Die Humanistische Bibliothek lädt Sie ein auf eine Reise zwischen mittelalterlichen Handschriften und Drucken des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts.

    • Manufacture royale d'Armes blanches de Klingenthal ** (18km)

      The history of the first French manufacture of knives created in 1730, under Louis XV.
      Through the reconstruction of workshops, the visitor discovers the different trades and the know-how of the workers of the Klingenthal manufacturing village.
      The collection includes swords,bayonets, cuirasses, as well as the tools used to make them.

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